SAGE International has been active in the UAE for 35 years. Servicing international Business Establishments while offering quality professional solution  for  large  and  medium  size  projects.


Material Supply

  • Gas & Steam Turbines Services.

  • Generator & Spares, Supply & Services.

  • Turbo Alternating & Spares Supply & Services.

  • All Kinds of Rotating Equipments Supply & Services

  • Supply of all Kinds of Tools

  • Supply of all Kinds of Environmental Instruments.

  • Supply all kinds of Fittings with different alloys & Dimensions.

  • Supply of all Piping Materials with Different alloys & Dimensions.

  • Supply of Biological Materials for  Sewage Water Treatment.

  • Supply of Oil & Grease Separators & Boiler Feed Water Treatment Services

  • Supply all kinds of Building Materials.

  • Supply all kinds of Cable Low & Medium Voltage.        (Fire resistance & resistance Cables)




Sage Chemical International




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